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Press Release: New Webshop Chaotic Harmony Imports to Sell Visual Kei Goods Overseas

ODESSA, TX (February 17, 2016) - Chaotic Harmony Imports, a new visual kei webshop based in the United States, is unveiling their store in their official soft opening and accepting orders and preorders. Chaotic Harmony is the first of its kind, driven by the desire to not only accommodate the fans’ needs for merchandise which were previously only available in Japan, but to directly support the bands.

To commemorate their soft opening, Chaotic Harmony are offering a limited time 10% discount on all orders placed before March 9, 2016, with the use of the code ‘VKEI10’ at checkout. Currently, merchandise from Kaya, Femme Fatale, MeteoroiD, Chanty, and Avanchick will be available. In addition, all purchases during this time will come with a bonus flyer from a band, some of which may be signed, depending on the artist.

However, in order to expand inventory, Chaotic Harmony staff will be in Japan for most of March, which will cause a delay in shipping. All orders placed on or after March 9th will not ship until April 9th, but customers can reserve items through the Chaotic Harmony webshop. Customers can check back frequently either on the Chaotic Harmony website or social media for new additions which will be available for pre-order during that time.

ABOUT CHAOTIC HARMONY IMPORTS: Chaotic Harmony Imports was created in early 2016 after seeing the high demand for visual kei merchandise that is often sold exclusively in Japan and hard to obtain. Understanding this gap, the 3 founders of Chaotic Harmony came together to use their extensive knowledge, experience, and connections in order to help fans more easily obtain merchandise while still supporting the artists.

By utilizing the staff's connections with management companies, labels, and artists, Chaotic Harmony Imports is able to purchase goods directly from the bands, which supports the artists and allows for a cheaper means of importation. Likewise, considerable market research was done prior to creating the company, which allows for Chaotic Harmony's staff to understand the fans and their wants.