Press Release: Idols Candye♡Syrup & Senanan to Perform at Saboten Con

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LOS ANGELES, CA (April 16, 2018) - Chaotic Harmony is proud to present Japanese idols Candye♡Syrup and singer and DJ Senanan at Saboten Con 2018, in Phoenix, AZ. Fans can catch the energetic idol group Candye♡Syrup at a live concert, autograph sessions, and a Q&A panel. Senanan will also be featured in her own concert, autograph sessions, and Q&A panel as well as a special DJ set. Both artists will also participate in the J-fashion show and in a special event that is to be announced later. Saboten Con will be held Aug. 31 - Sep. 3, 2018 in Phoenix, AZ at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix.

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About Candye♡Syrup: The legendary beauty salon in Harajuku owned by IKU is known for its work on flashy hairstyle for numerous talents, idols and musicians. This time IKU has decided to launch a totally brand new idol group named Candye♡Syrup, which he produces himself. The group is composed of five members, Mai Aisaki (Mermaid Blue), Non (Melty Black), Colomo Chian (Milky Purple), Ichigo Hatsune (Cotton Candy Pink) and Saaya Amatsuka (Angel White). Candye♡Syrup was born to destroy the boundary between the kids and Idol Otaku by mixing the fairy cute world and superb brutal musical elements.

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About Senanan: Not just a designer but a DJ, too?! It’s a miracle but it’s not magic?! This is “SENANAN,” a new sensation who can grant you whatever you wish. She wears many faces and has been featured as a model in publications such as KERA!, FRUiTS, Koakuma ageha, SHUTTER, and Tokyo GraffiT and has been featured on TV, designs her own brand, QissQill, and is a charisma blogger. Most recently, she has been making appearance at famous events as an extensive crossover DJ, featuring idol, anime, and loud scene songs. Senanan was also active in Strawberry Syndrome, which features Rinahamu, formerly of the idol group BiS. Currently Rinahamu is a member of the group CY8ER, which is one of the leading idol groups at the moment and is expected to surpass even BiS in popularity.

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About Saboten Con: Saboten is Monkey Paw Entertainment’s flagship event where we yearly bring in over 30+ guests both domestic as well as international. We celebrated our 10th year as an event in 2017 with a record unique attendance of 12,132 and only see more growth for our future events. The show focuses heavily on Japanese Pop‐Culture and normally brings out 5‐10 international guests

yearly ranging from bands, cosplayers, voice actors and industry leaders. Saboten Con has grown to be one of the top conventions to attend here in the USA due to our programming we offer as well as the guests who are in attendance yearly.

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