Press Release: VERY BERRY Release Songs on YouTube


LOS ANGELES, CA (November 29, 2017) - Visual kei band VERY BERRY have released almost their entire discography on YouTube. Songs are available from their albums “ache”, “QUARTET”, and “QUARTET M”.

The songs can be heard on VERY BERRY’s YouTube at the following URL:

VERY BERRY’s albums “QUARTET” and “QUARTET M” are available for purchase internationally on CDJapan, here:

About VERY BERRY: VERY BERRY is a project that was started in August of 2013 by guitarist Nao of heidi. and vocalist Baku of Hana Shounen Baddies! Vocalist Baku's lyrics cover new ground and when placed against the sound of a heavy guitar, it belts out the pain of life in a new way. They want you to feel “touched emotionally.” And (somehow) this is also a band where all of the members originate from Tochigi prefecture.

Individually, Nao and Baku have an impressive history within the music industry. Baku has been active since 2002, and has performed both in bands and as a soloist. Nao has been active with his band heidi. since 2006 and has performed around the world. In 2011, they had their US debut at AM2 in Anaheim, CA, and performed at Anime Weekend Atlanta in Georgia the following year. In 2014, they underwent their first European tour, playing in countries such as Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Finland, and more. In 2014, they had their Philippines debut at Best of Anime, and later that year returned to the US for PMX. In 2015 they performed in Thailand, and made their return to Anime Weekend Atlanta. That same year, they made their Oklahoman debut at Izumicon. In 2016, they performed at NipponCon in Germany.  

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