Press Release: Guitarist Lin Releases Instrumental Compilation from “King of Fighters -Destiny-”, Opens Website, and Starts Facebook Page

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LOS ANGELES, CA (November 24, 2017) - Visual kei guitarist Lin will release a solo instrumental compilation of 3 songs, produced for the Chinese animation “King of Fighters -Destiny-”. The compilation is titled ‪"Music for KOF -Quanhuang Mingyun-"‬ and will be released internationally on December 20, 2017.

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  1. ‪Renzhe -Ninjia-‬

  2. Heianzhiwang -Dark Master-‬

  3. Shenyouruhe? -Against the GOD-‬

“Music for KOF -Quanhuang Mingyun-” will be distributed through Grows Independent Music and available on the following:

  • iTunes Store

  • amazon music

  • Prime music

  • RecoChoku


  • oricon

  • Spotify

  • Mora


  • Google Play Music


  • And more

Lin has also opened his own official website at the following link:
The website is available in both Japanese and Chinese.

A Facebook page which features English and Japanese content has also been created:

About Lin: Lin is a visual kei guitarist who was born in China and grew up in Japan.
After centering his musical activities in Kansai, he opened his own label, Grows Independent Music, in 2011.
In that same year, Affective Synergy became active.
In 2012, the Chinese visual kei band Lilith was formed in Shanghai. Their activities expanded worldwide.
Already shouldering the burden of being the main composer of his own bands, Lin is now also providing music to anime and games.

Between the years of 2013 and 2015, Lin was contracted as an endorser for Jarrell Guitars.

As of August, 2016, Lin became an official endorser for Japanese instrument maker ESP, as well as E-Ⅱ.

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