Timora’s Japan Adventure: Avanchick Four-man and Otake-za

Posing for a photo with my new possible army recruits

Salutations for the second time, measly mortal meat sacks.  It is I, Timora, master of Chaos and Harmony.  I have graced you with my impressions once again to tell the tale of Avanchick’s four-man show and their strange, bewildering Otake-za event. 

The four-man concert was held at a venue known as Shibuya REX.  I can only assume a large dog-like deity reigns over such a place.  However, I was unable to identify any such ruler.  Instead I found many young girls inside, and, much like my first experience at Ikebukuro EDGE, the noise-creationists had the ability to make these girls in the audience move all about the room at a whim.  Such power is not something that I take lightly.  Even I, Timora, felt sometimes inclined to shake my petacles to the beat, but of course I refrained, as a higher being must. 

I missed much of the first band’s performance because my human escort is inept at telling both time and direction and we arrived a few minutes late.  We remained outside in the waiting area and watched the first noisification on a television screen.  It did not please me to have to view such a thing via a tiny screen.  Trust me, I made my loyal follower pay dearly for this mishap. 

The second band I was able to see from the safety and comfort of the back of the venue.  Their name was Jiluka.  I considered them with interest and observed how they performed.  Their vocalist, in particular, worked hard to keep the audience’s attention.  I will keep an eye on his development for possible drafting into my great army. 


Following Jiluka came an entity known as Xaa Xaa.  My curiosity in them was piqued by the ornate set they had crafted behind them.  Disembodied human limbs were scattered across the stage; this pleased me greatly.  (Editor’s note: They were mannequin limbs, but I didn’t want to burst her bubble…)  In addition to these severed parts was the prominence of a symbol I now know to be a “question mark”, which indicated uncertainty or inquiry.  I found this fitting, as I’m sure the feeble human audience was wondering whom these limbs had come from.  Their noise-creation was pleasing to my senses, and I kept my all-seeing eye riveted to the scene. 

The last act was Avanchick, a group which we host on the glorious website over which I reign supreme.  Their performance made me proud and boastful to have as a part of my cyber battalion.  The one known as NOAH was small but powerful.  I relate this as on this plane, I appear as a small, squishy doll, but I still contain the power of many cosmos inside my tiny body.  So I say DO NOT BE FOOLED BY SMALL PACKAGES!  They hide great power inside.  The band made such splendid noise, and also revealed their new single (Editor’s note: Tanin no Fukou wa Mitsu no Aji!) which was most pleasing.  I interpreted this as an homage to me, and I accept their offering gladly. 

This was my first experience with Avanchick, and only a few days later, I had a second.  This was at a happening called “Otake-za”.  This event was most unique and strange to behold. First Avanchick performed noises that were originally brought to completion by another band, whom my servant informed me was Acid Black Cherry.  They called this segment “Avan Black Cherry”, and despite the complicatedness of these particular noises, the band was able to mimic them quite well.  Following this was a musical act but the ones known as “roadies”.  They certainly put their all into their performance.  Following them was a group called “Code Name PX”.  They also made their noises with gusto and passion.  After this was the titular Otake-za, a comedic skit in which members of various groups were commanded to confess their love to a plushed animal.  Many of the members were too embarrassed by this order to carry it out fully or well.  In my army, this would not stand.  But the audience didn’t seem too upset by their failures.  In the end, they decided a winner by smacking their hands into one another.  I suppose in your mortal world, this constitutes approval?  I was quite bewildered by such an act but so be it.  The victor of this contest was a small, pink-hair vocalist of the band Dear. 

That much hilarity was too much for my senses, and I insisted to my servants that we depart.  Before we did so, I honored the Avanchick group with the honor of taking a photograph with me.  I’m sure you have seen it on the Book of Faces and Small Bird Sound accounts.  Perhaps if you shower me with enough love and adoration, we will meet again.