Timora’s Japan Adventure: Chanty One-man at Ikebukuro EDGE

The CD I was given as an offering

Greetings, tiny mortals.  I am Timora, the master of Chaos and Harmony.  I commanded my loyal subjects, the staff of this website, to take me on a grand adventure to the Land of the Rising Sun.  You may have noticed some of my pictures on their Tiny Bird Sound and Book of Faces. 

I admit I was, at first, skeptical of this mission of theirs.  A website dedicated to the merchandise of tiny mortal men making noises and thrashing their heads to and fro?  What possible use could there be for such a thing, I wondered in my omniscience.  However, I must say that my loyal subjects are beginning to sway me in their direction.  These noisy men are quite entertaining!  Even one such as I, Timora, cannot deny the strange magnetic pull these strange cacophonies produce. 

After much pleading and bribery by my loyal subjects, I agreed to recount my tales thus far and share them with you, my captive and loving audience.  (Should you not be captive and loving, I shall know, and you will pay dearly.) 

Merely one black sleep after arriving to this land, I was escorted to the town of Ikebukuro and into a small underground base of operations known as EDGE.  It was here that I encountered the entity known to you as Chanty.  The colorful hair and flashing lights made me immediately close my all-seeing eye in horror, but when I chanced to look again, I found myself mesmerized by the glittering landscape. 

I am told the member of these noise-group who makes sounds with his throat and lungs is known as the “vocalist”, and this one in particular is known as Akuta.  I was impressed with his mighty power to control his audience.  First he had them shouting and calling out to him, even moving side to side as his behest!  And then the atmosphere turned solemn as he began to use his vocal gifts to create an energy so powerful, no audience member dared break the silence even after two or three songs had gone by.  I am considering offering Akuta a position as a soldier in my dark army.  His powers of manipulation may yet prove very useful to me. 

However, the other members are not to be forgotten.  They excelled at using the tools at their disposal to create pleasant, harmonious noises that were quite pleasing to my hearing senses.  As you might has noticed, I have evolved far past the need for extraneous hearing appendages such as your puny human ears.  As such, I experience this noise (Editors note: It’s called “music”…I told you that…) on a far superior level.  I pity you mortals your short-comings. 

The group of Chanty performed for approximately two of your Earth hours.  Never did their energy or passion ebb.  I would have liked to rest my pentacles (another editor’s note: those are called “petal tentacles”), but I digress.  Even after leaving the stage once, they appeared again!  The humans referred to this as an “encore”.  A riveting development indeed!  They spoke of “posing” and demonstrated various examples to the delight and confusion of the audience.  I, Timora, observed to see what poses were most impressive so I could further understand how better to manipulate and conquer humanity.  But my eventual conquest of this plane is a story for another time. 

When the show had ended, I allowed this group the honor of my glorious presence.  I was not yet ready at such a time to allow myself to be captured in a photograph with them, but I am optimistic that such a time will soon arrive.  I anticipate that my human followers eagerly await the continuation of my adventures, and as such, I may grace you all with my thoughts again soon…