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KOMACHI x HIZAKI (Versailles, Jupiter) Collaboration Tights "Gate of Grace"


    100% made in JAPAN.

    This design is a collaboration with Hizaki, of Versailles and Jupiter.

    The gate of an ancient castle that gives you the hunch that a graceful story, an elegant illusion, is about to start: just looking at it spreads a feeling of pureness through you.
    When this gate opens, you will turn into the heroine of the story.
    Surrounded by the scent of the roses and the whispers of the angels, a maddening melody will guide you.
    This design has been realized based on the noble and beautiful image of HIZAKI.

    Being clad in coldhearted shadows where there is no room for emotions. The sound of footsteps from the darkness moves closer and closer, along with a biting feeling of danger. This is the inspiring image behind this design.

    【Size】FREE – Fits plus & Tall size*
               Height: 160~180cm
               Waist: 65~110cm Hip: 75~170cm
    【Materials】 Polyester 92% Spandex 8%
    【Denier】 80 den

    * May fit also bigger sizes, but we do not guarantee the colors and the design will appear as from the sample image.

    ※ For a limited time, customers who purchase KOMACHI2266531DarkLolita tights from Chaotic Harmony Imports may receive a 5% off coupon for their next purchase for submission of a photo wearing the tights. To qualify, the tights MUST have been purchased from Chaotic Harmony Imports, and we must be granted permission to use on the product page. The photo can be taken wearing any coordination of the customer's choosing, as long as it is age appropriate. The tights must be visible and the photo must be approved by Chaotic Harmony Imports staff before the coupon will be granted. This offer is valid only on Chaotic Harmony Imports. For more information, please contact us.

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    hizaki gate of grace.jpg
    gate of grace.jpg
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